Why test security systems?
The only way to ensure the quality of your security product, or service, is to test it! Information Communications Technology (ICT) and indeed Information Systems (IS) are very complex and gaps inherent in these products are vulnerable to exploitation. The gaps are easily overlooked by developers, vendors and clients.

ICT security systems are widely acknowledged by government, business and home users as key factors in any environment, yet time and time again, they are poorly procured, incorrectly deployed and severely misconfigured, leaving systems and business exposed and vulnerable.

From a security users perspective
Security system vendors regularly rely on marketing and media hype to sell their products. The fear and doubt created ensures that security products sell well. Enex TestLab addresses this by providing real-world testing of the security products and services to guarantee that they:

  • match the statements made by the vendors
  • meet the scope, requirements, functionality and environment of the planned deployment
  • identify “hidden” issues or drawbacks that could result in simply transferring the security risks to another area within the system.

We deliver a completely customised service focused on your needs, your procedures, your infrastructure and your systems.

From a security vendors perspective.
Enex helps guarantee your product. Enex can independently assure your customers they are buying a quality and verified product. Enex will reduce customer complaints, failures to convert, and worst of all – customers leaving.

Consider also the costs associated with rectifying faults and distributing patches and updates to integrate with the product once it has been deployed. Enex TestLab will save you time and money.